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You do not have the obligation to pay any services to navigate our website, any payments done through our platform will be done either by credit cards or PayPal. If you experience a double transaction when paying a service, please notify us by email at


Fast Arts has the right to terminate without notice any service, if a payment has already been done , you will have a full refund of the service paid. We have the authority to reject any service requested. Prices on our services can also change without prior notice, there will be no credit adjusted to a service to any customer if the paid amount was greater than the adjusted price.


Although we can do projections and create metrics for any business to improve their market reach,  Fast Arts can't guarantee a company's success. As a platform, we can't give an exact traffic quantity or a value of how much income your company will receive as to the services we offer. Any chart, any projections are purely speculative.


Any element you provide to Fast Arts you agree to have the authority to distribute digitally or physically. We can solicit proof of ownership to any content you may provide. As a digital marketing platform our core service is to create content, we have the right to refuse any content that we deem morally offensive or unlawful.  If you have any questions regarding this subject, please contact our team at


Fast Arts has the right to update without any prior notification the terms and condition that are presented in our platform.  If any changes are to be made in our terms, you can verify on the 20th of every month. If you wish to get a more clear notifications of any changes, you can head over to our contact section.


To be a reseller at Fast Arts Designs, you will need to comply with the following:

• Do not represent Fast Arts as your partner or use its logo to present your services.

• Resellers have to process an initial regular order, and then process two more offers before 30 days of the initial order to be considered a reseller, If you meet the criteria, send an email to our team to apply as a reseller in our platform. You have to maintain at least 2 orders per month to keep your discount benefits.

• Every approved reseller has the chance to reach  three different tiers of discount benefits. Tier one has 15% discounts, tier two has 20%, and tier three has 25% on every purchase.

To reach tier one you need to have at minimum two orders approved and paid per month after being approved, to reach tier two you must have at least eight orders per month for three consecutive months, to reach tier three you need to have at minimum fifteen orders per month for four months consecutively.

• Fast Arts Designs does not have any type of obligation to maintain the discount benefits, if you request to be a reseller for our platform, you agree that Fast Arts Designs can change the amount of percentage given, or even cancel the reseller program at any time without prior notice.


Any logo, design, or website we create can be published in our website or social media pages for marketing purposes. Fast Arts will not sell any designs or sensitive information to third parties. Although we have the right to publish past jobs and companies we work with, you can still deny consent of Fast Arts publishing any content created by us.  Email us via our contact section.


If you pick a service that has VIP support, as a customer, you earned the rights for the following:

Scheduled video calls on regular working hours, extended hours on calls & text. Our regular working hours are from 10am-6pm from Monday to Saturday, extended hours for VIP customers will have the advantage of talking to an agent from 8am-8pm every day of the week, via text and calls.

VIP support


If a customer picks service that has standard support, it has earned the following rights:

•Calls has to be scheduled between 10am-6pm from Monday to Saturday.

• All-day texts withing working hours, 10am-6pm from Monday to Saturday

On this level, there is no extended hours support, or video call support.

Standard Support
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