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The Internet Marketing Coach You Need Is Here

Digital marketing is supposed to be simple, pick a service to boost your business and let me help you save time with content creation.

Internet marketing Coach | Fast Arts Designs LLC

Lack Of Content Decreases Revenue For Your Business

How many times during this week have you taken care of your digital marketing content? It doesn't matter what reason you have; the truth is that if your business is suffering from a lack of exposure, you won't be able to scale in a way that customers see you as a real organization.

Why Having A Digital Marketing Coach Can Help Your Online Business

Having a digital marketing coach will help your business scale because of various reasons. Strategy, Research, Optimization, Content Creation, and consistency. Every day, a marketing coach study's your business online data to better understand what type of content it needs to create, scaling your business appropriately.

How A Small Company Can Save Money When It Follows A Strategy

When an entrepreneur doesn't know which strategy it needs to execute, the bloodbath of losing money on a poor marketing strategy comes real fast. Sure, you may be tempted in paying for ads instead of just paying for a coach, but there's a difference between investing money to gain the right knowledge to scale your business, and wasting money on a plan you will never have any idea why it failed.

For Startups Looking To Grow Their Business

No Contracts, No Commitments.

Get us to post daily content for your business & keep your engagement going with our startup package. With this plan, you don't have to worry about being inconsistent with your business & you get to build a brand in the process.

What do you get?


  • We research topics around your niche or other encouraging content.

  • We'll create 30 captions to have content for the whole month.

  • We post the content for you once a day.

  • Get a generic design with your logo on every post.

This means you will have us working for you non-stop for  30 days for only $85 each month!

We created an affordable plan for business owners who struggle with finding the right help, and scaling their business. With our startup plan, your audience won't miss a day of seeing your brand and what you're talking about every day.

Check Mark Image Digital Marketing Coach Fast Arts Designs LLC

$85 / month


Even if you were to pay the minimum wage to have somebody work in-house for your digital marketing, it would still cost you $1,256.00 / month. With us, you save an average of $700!

Businesses, Save Your Money

Firing somebody is never a pleasant thing to do, but here you have the freedom to stop and start our services whenever you want. We don't judge, we're just here to grow your business.

No Obligations, fewer restraints

To justify the investment you make towards working with us, every month you get an update on what has been achieved. This will help you decide if we're a good team to keep hiring.

(The startup package doesn't include this)

Get Monthly Progress Reports

Established business

For Established Small Business Owners

No Contracts, No Commitments.

Designed for business owners that need to have a digital marketing coach creating content and overseeing their company online.


This type of digital marketing will help you focus on your customers while actively getting content online to increase your brand exposure and sales.

What do you get?


- Everything that's Included on the startup package & More

On this second level, you get everything that comes with the first startup package. The major difference is that you will not get any weekly tasks since we do them for you.


-Social media posting

You will receive a minimum of 3 postings each week on social media. We will create a design with written content. This helps your company keep engaging online and appearing in search results.


-Blogs & Keyword Research

You will get an optimized custom-written blog with no less than 400 words monthly. Don't worry, you approve the subject content before we start creating it. We do keyword research for organic results every time we do a blog.

-Customer interaction

You have a busy business, and talking to every customer online drains precious time. This service gives you the benefit of having an agent monitoring your account to interact with customers faster, increasing your positive reviews and customer retention.

-Monthly Progress Report

There's no sense of investing if you don't see a positive outcome. That's why at the end of each month, we give you a report stating the progress of what we did and how your company is looking online.

Speaker phone Image for digital marketing coach Fast Arts Designs LLC

$1,400 / month

Happy caffe owners | Inbound Marketing coach | Fast Arts Designs LLC

“I started my business with an idea, these guys took it to a successful reality”

-Kate Rui

For Ambitious Companies Expanding Their Brand

No Contracts, No Commitments

The most advanced digital marketing program we have. Maximize results and increase your brand's exposure.


We perform different kinds of data research to increase new customers while retaining current clients to help you achieve a more successful international outcome.

What do you get?


- Everything that's Included on the startup package & established package

On this third level, you get everything that comes with the first and second package. You will find that on this package you get more research along with specialized marketing.


-Configuration & Optimization Of Social Media Platforms

If you don't have social media, we will set it up, and if you do have social media, we will continuously improve its content and configurations to serve your audience 100%. This helps improve your SEO and other organic traffic expectations.


-Ad optimization

We will research for the best keywords, and audience to maximize your ROI. Once configured, an AI will start optimizing your ad until it reaches its maximum potential.  We use the budget of the package to sponsor the ad.

-Presentation video

Every month you will get a professional video presenting your company, services, or any other information you want to show your customers. From a spokesperson, to a theatrical video, the options are unlimited.

-Billboard Advertisement

Twice a month, get your business exposed to customers through a highway billboard. This includes a static image for up to 8 seconds. You will get an exposure report. We use the budget of the package to sponsor the ad.

Exposing your brand to the world with an inbound markeitng coach | Fast Arts Designs LLC

$4,300 / month


Want A More Customized Quote?

Optimize your quote to fill your marketing needs. Just like every other package, you will always have the option to cancel your membership at any time. So, if you require help and want to build a successful business with a budget that better adapts to your capabilities, contact us.

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