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A graphic designer helps your company not only build credibility, but sales too. The image of your product will determine how customers will come to trust you, try you because they have a good first impression.


Start Saving, get more done


Who takes advantage of this program?

The ultimate designer package was created for businesses that process a great volume of printing services for different categories. This service helps lower the expensive process of trying to hire a graphic designer each time the company has a new project. One flat design fee, for up to ten designs.


How this service works

We give you a flat design monthly fee for up to ten designs. As long as you hire our printing services, you get to have any design you need created for your project. We create the designs, and then send you the approval to print it in any products we offer at Fast Arts.



If your design will not be used for any of our regular printing service, you can't benefit from the program. You will have to hire the regular design service. This offer only applies to customers that will use our printing services using the designs we make under the program.



After you join the program and start paying your subscription, you can start benefiting from the program right away. In your account, you will have to select the product on which you will be using your design for.

Whenever we deliver a design concept, you will receive it with a watermark. Once approved, we will send an invoice depending on the product you picked for your printing service.


You have 15 days to approve and pay for the quote established before we have to re-quote again.

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