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What Is Marketing? What You Need To Know

Updated: Jan 10

What is marketing? what you need to know about it.

In this blog, I will explain exactly what marketing is, how it all functions, and why it's one of the most important, if not the most important factor in determining a company's success. If you've ever wanted to know what marketing is, how it applies to your business, and how it works, then stay with me.

Let's start now.

Hello, I'm John, a marketing strategist, and welcome to my blog, where we have a section to assist you in expanding your company by generating more leads, clients, and sales through effective marketing.

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Let's talk about marketing, which is something I enjoy doing. Years ago, when I first became interested in understanding why marketing influences people to act and make the decisions they do, as well as how to influence and persuade them how to change their behavior. Seeing this is why I fell in love with marketing.

Because marketing occurs every day, whether or not you own a business, like when you try to persuade friends or family to watch a particular movie, eat at a restaurant or not, or persuade them to do anything, you are engaging in marketing.

Additionally, marketing is crucial to comprehend since it affects you continuously. It might be as basic as someone trying to sell you a pair of shoes or something much greater, like moving across the nation, purchasing a new home, or even changing occupations.

All of this calls for and makes use of marketing. With that being said, let's get started. To clarify what marketing is not about, let's first discuss what it is, and then we can discuss what it is specifically.