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Methods for Increasing Your Instagram Following Free

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Increase your instagram followers free | Fast Arts Designs

It might be difficult for a company to get off to a good start on Instagram. It all starts with what? How to quickly upscale the number of Instagram fans you have.

However, how exactly?

The days of buying followers or employing bots as a shortcut are long gone. These strategies may temporarily increase your number of followers, but they will do you no good in the long run.

That's because real individuals who care about and engage with your brand are the only ones who are worth having as Instagram followers. Having a fictitious number of followers may make you feel better about yourself, but it will have no effect on your Instagram approach.

Here we go.


Think about your Instagram marketing strategy before you post anything

To make the most of any social media platform, you must have a strategy in place.

More Instagram fans is a good place to start. However, having a large number of followers isn't enough to make your Instagram profile a success. If you want to increase your audience, you need to have an overarching social media marketing and business strategy in place.

Consider the reasons you desire a greater number of Instagram subscribers. What are your ultimate goals? Think about it:

• Raise the profile of the brand

• An increase in sales of the goods

• Promote your website and increase visitors.

Keep your Instagram profile consistent by concentrating on these business-oriented objectives. Your brand story will be more interesting to new profile visitors, and you'll be able to establish (and retain) a larger fan base.


Consider the following questions regarding the audience you're attempting to reach:

• What is their age range?

• What city or town do they call home?

• I'm curious about their day jobs.

• Why do people use Instagram at certain times of the day?

• In what ways do they struggle?

This information helps you create the kind of Instagram content that attracts the individuals most inclined to follow you. It also helps you stay focused on your target audience's wants so you can regularly produce the kind of content that encourages them to stick with you.


You may want to pique people's interest by showcasing the manufacturing process. Or, to humanize your brand, including the viewpoint of one of your employees. If you want to make your company seem aspirational, show off your consumers' accomplishments or their way of life.

Regardless of your goals, it's critical to keep your brand's personality and appearance constant. At a glance, your posts should be recognizable as yours. Consider your Instagram grid as a whole. When sharing content that doesn't exactly suit your main feed's style and feel, don't forget about Instagram Stories!

When it comes to your grid, it doesn't matter if your products don't all appear the same.


In order for others to be able to follow you on Instagram, they must first locate your profile. Instagram's text isn't very searchable. The only information that appears in search results on Instagram comes from the user's name and username.

Your Instagram handle serves as your username on the social media platform. Keep your Twitter handle the same as your other social media handles to make it easy for others to locate you. If individuals are searching for your brand, then use your brand's name or a version of it.

You have the freedom to use any name you like with a maximum of 30 characters. Stuffing your content with keywords is a bad idea, but including your most relevant term in the name field will help you get found in search results.


Your Instagram posts' text isn't searchable, as previously stated. However, hashtags may be found with Instagram's search function. So, if you use hashtags wisely, you may be able to gain free Instagram followers.

Search engine users and those who clicked on a hashtag from another post will be more likely to see your material if you include appropriate hashtags in your post descriptions. Hashtagged content from your account may surface in the feeds of people who have not yet subscribed to your account on Instagram.

Instagram posts allow for up to 30 hashtags; however, quality rather than number is more critical when using hashtags. Experiment with different hashtag counts to find out what works best for your account.

If you're going to use a hashtag, be sure it's not a gimmick. These can provide you with a short-term bump in the number of people who follow you. However, most of them are likely to be bots or individuals who are simply interested in reciprocating the favor. And it's not going to help you develop a loyal following on Instagram.


Visits to Instagram company profiles come from non-followers in the proportion of two-thirds. If your bio and profile persuade them to follow you, all of those new visitors might become free Instagram followers. Uncompelling or imprecise information on your profile will keep them from contacting you.

Your profile includes your webpage (a clickable link) and a bio in addition to the name and username boxes already mentioned. You just have 150 characters to describe your brand's identity and inspire new users to follow you.


However, writing astonishing Instagram captions plays an important role in helping you acquire greater reach and interaction on Instagram, even if it is a visual network. Free Instagram followers are mostly dependent on your ability to reach and engage your audience, as you've already seen.

The following are some critical tactics to bear in mind:

• Start with the most crucial terms. Users will have to hit "more" to see the entire caption if it exceeds 125 characters. Make the most of the first few words to elicit an additional response.

• Pose a question to the group. By doing this, you're making it simple for your audience members to participate in a discussion. This involvement will help your account become more visible to a more significant number of individuals.

• Consider using emoji instead. Emojis are a great way to catch a reader's attention on visual social networks like Instagram.

• Change the length of your captions to see if you can get a better response. In order to experiment with more in-depth storytelling, you can use Instagram's 2,200-character limit for long-form captions. When the images speak for themselves, using concise subtitles is a great option. On the other hand, long captions have a higher chance of increasing interaction, according to our research.

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