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Free Business Cards | May 2022 Promotional Offer

Updated: May 7

Update: We're no offering printing services as of may-7-2023

Hello! I'm so glad to see you here on our blog. If you wish to redeem our free business cards, please keep reading below to see what you need to do in order to claim them. We will give you two options to claim your free cards.

Important: This offer expires on MAY-31-2022

What business cards do you get with this promotion?

Business cards QTY: 250

Type: Glossy

Print option: Both Sides

Cut: Normal cut (rectangle shape)

How to claim your free business cards?

First Option:

Hire us to design your business cards in our graphic design service section. As soon as we finish the design and is approved by you, we will send you the business cards free, shipping included.

Note: On the design service section, select EVERYDAY GRAPHICS. Don't select any other design service if you want to redeem this offer.

Second Option:

For all our current users who have already bought any printing services between April 1st to April 30 you get the chance of claiming the promotional offer also. You need to have the design ready for printout.

You cannot mix the two options together, meaning that if you already claimed the offer with either option, you can't claim it again with the other one.

What do you have to do to claim this promotional offer?

The promotion will be automatically applied when you meet the criteria.

Important notes about this promotion:

  • You can't claim after 12-31-2022

  • You can't redeem more than one time

  • If you selected the first option of hiring our design service, select everyday graphics. This offer will not work with any other service.

  • If you apply for the second option of a user who already purchased any design services between April 1st to April 30, you need to provide the design for the printout of the business cards.

Contact us if you have any questions.

For any clarifications, head over to our contact page. You will find all the necessary information to talk to our team there.

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