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If we can think about one of the best ways to gain everybody's attention when it comes to physical marketing, that would be printing floor graphics. Just picture everybody on their phone walking, looking at the bottom and Boom! There you are right in everybody's face.

Floor graphics are for short, and fast messages you want your potential clients to know about your company while raising constant awareness about your brand.

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Why Do Businesses Use The floor Wrap Printing Option To Market Their Company?

We're pretty sure you know how to spot a great deal when you see one. The floor wrap printing, or the floor decal, as others call it, makes a great marketing product material to expose your business at a very affordable price.

A floor decal can bring awareness to your business without even trying. The decal printing will be performed, and later it will be stuck onto the floor with a laminated coating to protect it from foot traffic.

Is Floor graphics vinyl Printing Service A Cheap Option For You?

Yes, it is, especially if you consider the print cost vs. the number of people who will see your floor wrap. We can't say how much time a floor graphic print in vinyl will last, that depends on where it's located, but if we have to take a crazy guess based on what we see, I'll say that it lasts about two years at best.

Keep in mind that the floor graphic will have to endure harsh environments, from thousands of people walking over it to mopping, scratches, and maybe even animals trying to take it off. Regardless of all that, you're still having a lot of individuals looking at your promotion, which will help in getting more sales and brand recognition.

Hire A White Label Designer For You Floor Decals Concepts

Get your floor decal design done fast with unlimited revision, we make sure that you're happy with the concepts we bring to you. You can benefit more from our white label design service for any of your projects. Our process is simple, and affordable and its made to give you the satisfaction you seek as a customer.

Where Can I Install My Floor Wrap After I Do The Printing?

There are many places where you can install your floor graphic vinyl after you do the printing. You have floors everywhere, but before you stick that vinyl into the floor, you might want to analyze the objective you want to overcome.

Start Your Brand Recognition:

Gaining a customer's trust is no easy task. The cool thing about printing a floor graphic vinyl is that you don't have to do much except select where to put and install it. In today's society, because of the cellphones, people are constantly looking down, and if that isn't enough, the graphic is still in front of them.

Provide Information:

Maybe you don't want to promote your business; you need to provide information to your customers. It can be a map, some rules, or even a mini-game to have even more customer interaction. Maybe you even have a brand that paid you a space to promote their company in your location.

Increase Sales:

Of course, you most likely want to promote your product or services. During business days, you will have more customers, so more high traffic is coming your way. Your floor graphic will remind customers that you're ready to do business; we suggest printing two graphics, one for your storefront and the other for the inside of your facility. Floor graphics are great since they can even come in a custom shape and still be cost-effective; that way, you can maximize your investment ROI.

Now that you have an idea of your objective, let's give you some of the best places you can install your floor graphics. These places usually give maximum exposure, giving you the best chance of attracting potential customers and making sales.

• Retail Stores
These are perfect for placing your floor decals because they usually have thousands of people going in and out of the store. Might we suggest putting them in front of the cashier? You know, where people usually just stand and wait to pay? 😉

• Malls
We suggest printing a huge discount graphic, something customers have to stand and read to try you out. This is your chance to showcase your service or products to different demographics. The trick here is to track which type of customers you attract.

• Trade Shows
If you're a business that sells to other businesses, these are perfect for you. Not only will you get the chance to network with people directly, but at the same time, any type of floor graphic you put on these trade shows will keep heads spinning your way.

• Private Events
These events are usually done with selected individuals and people who matter to you. That's why having a vinyl floor wrap that reminds them who you are and who's top dog on the private event matters to you. Your network is your net worth; always remember that.

• Roof-protected hallways
A more passive environment, but effective regardless, floor wraps in these types of places will work better for brand recognition than anything else, in our opinion. If it were up to us, we would get a couple of floor decals to put all over the place and maybe make an interactive hallway to capture people's attention.

Get The Customer Support Service You When Ordering Any Our Our Printing Services

You're our customer, and we take pride in that; we respect that and what you stand for. We know that every company should take care of their customers, and we bow to always try and make things right by you. Get full support from ordering to shipping & delivery. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding your floor decals or any ordering processes.

Experience Our Ordering Process With A Free Print Sample

We know something you might want to really know how is the ordering process, that's why before you quote any floor graphics from us we encourage all customers to head over and order some free print samples from us. That way you can experience our customer support, and we can make sure the samples indeed arrive to your doorstep.

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